Family Pictures from October 2018.


In true spirit of this photo album expanding to activities of all members of the family, this is a pic of the Walt Disney Theatre, home of the LA Phill, from a night Chad went there to hear some classical string music.

Rio's "gang" from a Halloween party at Rainey's.

Sycamore Elementary is Rio's TK school.

Another Fall with record breaking fire devastation in CA. Simi Valley mostly spared this time. Chad on bike ride with a pictures of his bike with colors from fire retardant compands coloring the hillside.

Pumpkin carving party at Tania's.

Chad was layed up with two episodes of debilitating lower back problems. MRI showed bulging disk. In this pic Chad getting setup for his stretcher setup to augment sessions on our inversion table. Misery.

We went camping at our favorite dry Lake El Mirage and finally got to play with our sport kite (fun) with a picture of Rio flying her kite. We also had a great time playing with some other campers and their rockets and motorized scooters, skateboards, etc. Rio did a great job riding her bike and Andrea and Chad (separately) got in some solo dirt bike rides.

Winds were quite strong so we got some good usage of the land yacht. Here Chad teaching Rio how to sail.

Racing across the desert with the whole family in the land yacht. Andrea scared at times but not Rio - she just falls asleep.

This is Rio's TK teacher, Mrs McKenna.

This from Chad's AV Halloween party were we won a $50 gift card for our family Star Wars costumes.

We went to Cancun for anniversary vacation trip. Did so much on this trip and a few of the events in pictures to follow.

This is the all inclusive resort we stayed at. Great place, great views, great food with lots of choices.

Also great shows every night. This was after a superheros show.

This after a dance performance.

The resort had Hobbie Cats for usage on the bay side so we went on a fun sail.

This is before a fancy dinner for our 10 year wedding anniversary at the resort.

We rented a car so were able to get to some of the further sites. This is a trip to Tulum to see ancient Mayan ruins. A dream of Andrea's for many years.

At the ruins there was a short rain squall and Chad wrapped rio in a towel.

The resort also had kayaks so we took a paddle along the edge of the mangroves one day

Funded partially by a time share speach, we went to XCARET one day. Amazing park. Can barely scratch the surface in one day. Floated on an underground river for many a long distance, snorkeled in some amazing inlets in the park, many shows, ocean side high end buffet, etc.

Of the hundreds of things they offer, a butterfly area is one of them. At times all three of us were covered with many butterflies.

Of the hundreds of things, they are also very famous for an amazing show at the end of the day. Here a scene for a recreation of the Spaninsh occupation of the Mayan lands, which raised alot of questions from Rio about good versus bad people. Also they had a fire tournament, and other games and other shows.

This is from a giant party catamaran ride to Isla Mujeres (The Women's Island) for some beautiful beaches and lunch and party. On the way back we stopped for some snorkling at the MUSA the underground museum (with Rio too!).

One last view from our hotel. Goodbye Cancun.

Since this is Halloween month, insteat of trick or treat pictures, some effects pictures of Rio.

Effects picture

Effects picture

Effects picture

Effects picture