Emily Rio Various Pictures from June 2018.


Likes to set up shows and also feasts

These cactus had a nice bloom during this evening at Rio Rock

Splash Pad Fun

Found some feathers for Dadda to help him fly

Pirate festival in Ventura Harbor





and then nearby at the beach


fun neighborhood gathering at the mjoens, with rainy, leo and dominick


this is the first CycLAvia where Rio rode her own bike. This month dadda told a "story" of a friend who said that Rio can already ride a pedal bike if she just gets a push. And we proved it. Then parlayed it to a short cyclavia, but the pedal biking now begins:)

Casio PX160 piano arrived and I assembled it. Let the beautiful sounds begin

Kennedy Meadows (Bonita) trip where Andrea/Rio drove separately the night before Dadda arrived.

Eating with Vida in the Tommasino's RV at Bonita