Emily Rio Various Pictures from October 2017.


Doing crafts at Phoenix Ranch

Getting alot of hair cut (while Mommy was away)

Sledding in Simi Valley

Hiking by Chumash, 1 of 2

Hiking by Chumash, 2 of 2

Daddy and Rio go on a Thanksgiving camping trip with the Corrals and take only the truck (no trailer for simplicity).

Rio and Nala play video games while the Lori begins thanksgiving feast preparation

Perfect weather for this trip. Warm. Forecasted for no wind but we set up the boats anyway and the day after Thanksgiving had great land sailing wind.

The lakebed

Rio learning to drive. Obviously can't reach the pedals but learned to steer to locations on the lakebed. Fun.

A nice bath for a very dirty girl from two 3 days 2 nights of camping

Paisely's birtday party at Scooter's Jungle

Theater production

Eating cake from good friend Emma (different party)

Getting ready for December