Emily Rio Various Pictures from September 2017.


Family of Supe Heroes! Cap the Bear was a school project where she had to care for him and take him everywhere for the weekend. Emily was excited to be the first kid in her class to have the honor of caring for Cap (short for Captain America)

Daddio couldn't resist this beautiful face

At one of the many outdoor park concerts Mommy and Emmy dancing and spinning!

Proof that she is not always happy

Who's that in the tree? It must be Mommy checking out the amazing tree fort Daddio built!

And here's one of the views from second floor of the tree house

Trip to our favorite beach, Mother's Beach in Ventura

Emily learns the joys of bodyboarding, and she found her balance and wasn't falling over anymore!

Whenever Daddy comes to the beach with us, we bring the kayak, which provides loads of fun!

Emily and Mommy enjoying the beautiful beach!

No filter, cell phone picture of our gorgeous beach. It gifted us a golden sunset before we headed home

Our little jumping bean!

She's an amazing jumper! Can jump as high as a flee!

Emily and her school buddies, Susan and Emma

Mommy and Emmy visit a Hindu Temple in Malibu.

Moana visits a tree on the hike to the Malibu Lake

Swimming in the Malibu Lake with Mommy

Is it Emily or Snow White

Dancing with our friend and zumba instructor Arlene at her birthday party

Mommy and Emily's overnight camping at Wildwood Park, Emily did this amazing bandana coloring job!

Tug-a-war at the Wildwood Family Campout, where we hiked in Sat at noon and hiked out Sunday morning. Such a fun event. This was our second year doing this mommy-daughter campout

Waking up in the tent after hearing the creek and the crickets all night

Seriously, when are they starting those pancakes?

Creek crossing successful! Hopping rocks and balancing on logs, and not even a splash! Alice, the friend she made at the campout wasn't as lucky!

Hike to the Wilwood waterfall. Amazingly, with all the droughts Southern Cal experiences, this waterfall never dries out!

Emily and her friends from the block. We have the best neighbors!

Princesses and Super Heros Play in Santa Monica. Emily thought she'd just stand alongside the actors and watch the action up close.

Picture with the actors and our friends Phung and Lea, whom she's been friends with since Emily was 12 months old when they met at the Catton Family Daycare, and they'll probably be friends for life.

Emily on the Santa Monica Esplanade, watching the beach and the ocean below her. This pensive little girl took a moment to reflect.