Emily Rio Various Pictures from June 2017.


At Santa Suzanna Park with the ponds and ducks...

....chasing said ducks:).

One of many swim days with Abby/Leticia at their apartment pool.

"Mommy-Daddy" what are those outside the window? Visit from ballooners.

Was so hot and still so we went to Harbor Cove Beach, Ventura, our favorite, but it was soo cold and windy there. Getting sand blasted. Gotta be a location in between that would be perfect, right? ...

...the view - little sail boats liking the conditions...

...Ventura Harbor, yep, here it is nice...

...and a nice birthday (Andrea) at the Greek restaurant.

Donuts with Daddies day at Phoenix Ranch...

...mystery solved - why all the kids get sick at the same time.

On a hike up the very very steep "Enduro" aka "The Grudge" mountain biking trail.

Neighborhood friend gathering to celebrate June/July birthdays.

Part of nightly ritual, a story first.

Getting fitted for a helmet at First 5, but she still doesn't want to ride her pedal bike. Darn.

Ballet performance - who put baby in a corner?

One of many 'dive in movies'

Andrea's tow behind dream coming to fruition along the simi river.

Still very "interested" in princesses, at the library, Moana, Rio, Emma, Rapunzel.

Belle at Lea's birtday party...

...Rio says "that is when I got a painting of a rose". She is helping write this.

One of many great cover band concerts in the local parks.

Rio says "when I was at your office". My old office, already moved offices/building for new Intl Program Manager role.