Emily Rio Various Pictures from April 2017.


A new park was built near our end of town - "extersizing" on a Daddy/Daughter exploratory visit there

She used to be dressed in this tutu when she was a baby

Daddy neglicted mowing the lawn for quite a while

Simi town center mall with little Emma

Mommy brings the train dream to reality

She can sorta do this puzzle on her own

Daddy trying to teach the right amount of respect for insects, fear of the dangerous ones, but appreciation for the others

Trip to Kernville with Baby Vida...





...campfire at night.

Can you find our performer?

Pony time

That is actually a baby goat


Her dark side

Greating daddy after a spot landing during the Spring Air Fest in Sylmar...

...good enough to win the spot landing contest this year

Rainey's 3 year old birthday party

With friend Lea

A box full of cuteness