Emily Rio Pictures from January 2017, mostly of the trip to Argentina.


Emily and cousin Renata became besties right away!

All laughs with Tio Martin!

Passed out on the way home after one of the many outtings.

Emmy and Tio Nicolas! What a cool pair!

Monkey girls at the park!

Girls just wanna have fun!!

The water park was sooo much fun!!

Chatting at the lake park near the house.

A super fun visit to a shoreside theme park Parque de la Costa.

And hanging out with a celebrity: El Sapo Pepe!

Birthday gathering at extended cousin's house. Yummy cake!!

Sleep over at Renata's.

Enjoying some quality time with Abuelo Oscar.

Visiting super cool theme park Kid's Republic. This place is super awesome. It's geared towards teaching kids about a republic and its establishments. It has a school, court house, doll museum, its very own radio station (and Emmy and Renata got to sing a song which was heard live all over the republic!); there's a farm, bakery, etc. It's a very cool place.

Running and more running.

Tweety Bird wooden sculpture.

Learning to make bread at the Republica de los Ninos bakery. They taught us about the ingredients and where they come from, the recipe, we got to knead the dough and after baking, we ate the rolls! And they were delicious!!

Hanging out with the llama, one of the many animals at the farm.

At the play structure at the restaurant at the zoo.

Mommy and daughter.

Flamingos at the Temaiken Zoo.

Sporting her Mar de Ajo t-shirt in none other than Mar de Ajo, our favorite beach town!

Cool girls collecting flowers.

Winding down after a long day at the beach!

Little girls' laughter is the happiest sound!!

Reading a book with Tio Nico!

Boogie boarding at the beach!

Awesome beach escapade with my uncles and cousin!

The girl of many talents... Participating in a circus act! She got a standing ovation for catching the hoola hoop and sending it back!

Enjoying the priceless view from our beach condo!

Biking around the beach town.

Tio Martin's newest talent: mani-pedi! Who would have thought... Hehehe

On the road again, heading back home after the amazing beach break.

Cuddling with Abuela Ana! She gives the best hugs and kisses!!

And we are back home! Daddy had a big hug ready for his little girl!

Back at school on "snow day" - LA snow days are the day they bring snow to the school for the kids to play and take turns sledding :-D Also, note the weather shock, from beach weather to snow!

My super amazing artist displaying her art!

Daddy is ready to go in for tripple hernia surgery. His smile wasn't as big when he woke up a few hours later.

Taking it easy with the recovering patient. A sleep over downstairs and some family movie time.

Emily's first tooth cleaning. Although she'd been to the dentist for checkups, this time they proceeded with a cleaning. She was a model patient and left the dentist an amazing piece of art in her chart!