Emily Rio Various Pictures from November 2016.


To try to balance out all the Christmas festivities, we went to this Hannukah event in a parking lot. We saw a really funny magician but Rio fell asleep.

At the SHGA (hang gliding club xmas party)...

...another pic.

Rio's Phoenix Ranch Preschool Xmas Gala. Probably her first time on a big stage.

Opening Xmas presents at home

Playdough factory, love it and hate it (the mess)

Lessons some day and hopefully she will learn how to play

Dad and Michele's visit...

...hike at Chumash

Rio chalk drawing on back patio

Simi Town Center Mall

Meeting the "real" Cinderella at the Simi Library

Simulated tornado exhibit

Never got a chance to sent these out

Fun dinner with Tim/Carolina/Vida