Emily Rio Various Pictures from August 2016.


Upcoming birthday party. She likes to put one finger in front of her mouth like that. When she is asking for "just one" of things she wants

Playing with super soakers with friends in the neighborhood, Rainey and Dominic

One of many camping trips this season. This one hosted by the Parks Dept in Agoura Hills

Learning that bitting your tongue can really hurt.

Spending a day at the old daycare and visiting with friends Kenley (Lentil) and Samantha...

...more of the old daycare group.

In full sprint to deliver a hug.

Not sure about the giant gease.

Our Snowhite getting to meet Elsa.

Camping with Bardy and crew in San Diego Campland...

...on the beach with Allegra and Tara...

...and some jet skiing with Mommy.

Mermaid birthday party for Chanelle...

...little and big mermaids...

...show that she can already climb out of a pool by herself.

Taking care of good friend "baby Vida".

Fun day of partying with Bardy and friend in Long Beach...

...pretending to drive one of the boats.

In an effort to find a way that she can like her "pedal bike" I put the training wheels back on (though she is an expert on the balance bike so doesn't really need them).

Doing acrobatics with Daddy, this is a foot-a-shito.