Emily Rio Various Pictures from July 2016 Reunion.


heading over to the east coast, Rio's 4th air trip

super nice pilots couldn't resist the Rio

at an age now where moving walkways are really fun

rental car in New Hampshire and on our way to Dad's vacation house

exchanging presents with the cousins

balloon fun

crafting with grandma

reading with grandpa

first of many kayak trips

in the cousin's canoe

glassy lake water

Rio helping with the paddling

nice family dinners

enjoying peter and pepper

a beautiful hike

Rio was an amazing hiker - nothing stopped her

the rest of the family hiked up the other side

the whole hiking group

Rio watching Daddy windsurfing

Rio practicing yoga (warrior pose) on the dock

Paddleboarding with cousin Miles

sunset kayak ride

listening to the Loons

playing in the nice lake with Mommy

Rio still loves doing "Diddas", the word she invented for balancing on things

on our way to a really nice bike ride

nice trails, with an icecream break and a rope swing

Rio crashed out

chilling by our beautiful lake view

pulling her own luggage