Emily Rio Various Pictures from July 2016.


At Tara's birthday party practicing jumping off the edge

Rio following Daddy's order to perform a balloon sneak attack on Bardy

Making pottery at the 4th of July party at our friends' Ojai ranch

Giving Daddy a high-five after he landed at the ranch

checking out the neighbor's camel at the ranch

checking out the neighbor's ponys at the ranch

and the neighbors also have big horses

visiting the goats on the ranch

Jumping to mommy at the pool at the ranch

bundled in a towel after swimming ready for the bbq and party at the ranch

bonding with Caitlin's dog at the Ranch (the late Momo)

Daddy's birthday cake and a picture from Rio

potty training in earnest

happy to spend time with friend Rainey

such dogs

at Vida's malibu beach birthday party

not always dressed as a princess, in this rare case cowgirl Jessie

kid central in our big tent at Jackson Flat campground

inflatable hammock fun at Jackson Flat

scenic hike at Jackson

view from nearby lookout tower at Jackson

sunset from Jackson

some big shoes to fill