Emily Rio Various Pictures from May 2016.


Rio's most favorite things

She has been doing L-seats since she could stand. Doing one in daddy's office.

At her friend Rainey's birthday party

Another from the party. Between a rock and a hard spot.

Life's so good gotta wear (weird looking) shades.

Pretty flowers

Books still have strong appeal

One of the many Touch a Truck events in Simi

Touch a Truck, loves seeing the trash trucks coming by, a treat to get to sit in one

Smiling with Mommy

She drew this completely on her own and then described it as 'Daddy, herself, and Mommy'. Got arms and legs and hair. Really incredible for her age.

At the California Science Center. This is a space toilet. She still doesn't use earth toilets.

A quick trip to Mars with Daddy

Wow, look at that airplane daddy!

the family's IR profile

A rare lack of bravery to put her hand in the touch tank

but brave enough to try one of these for the first time.

your surroundings rotate around giving you the feeling that the walkway is moving to cause disorientation like in the ISS

during a lunch break from the LA Cyclavia in the Watts/Southgate area

hanging out at Rainey's house at the end of the cul-de-sac

this is how she eats raspberries (and olives)

don't know if it is nature or nurture, but she sticks her tongue out when is trying to concentrate on physical manipulation too

likes to ride her scooter too

one our way to a dirt biking / camping trip in the Sierra's (GreenHorn)

at camp

another view of camp

at a simi parks and recs dinosaur activity day. she always works her way up through the crowd when there is something to see

making bubbles