Emily Rio Various Pictures from April 2016.


Monkey see monkey do

Kenley's birthday party at BigZ

Hiking with Daddy at Chumash, 1 of 2

Hiking with Daddy at Chumash, 2 of 2

Daddy make an apple pumpkin

Princesses Belle

Riding at Kenley's birthday party

Summer rains in Simi

Good friend Rainey

Baby belly

The neighborhood (bigger) kids and I had been riding our bikes down the curbs. Then this was not allowed. So I brougt up a 2x4 for us to ride down. Not easy but got the hang of it after a bit. Rio, on her first try rode all the way down it on her balance bike. We all were floored. She was never able to do it again.

Super Girl

"Pretend I am a doggie"

Lemon Park

Drawing with friend Lucy.

Bathed and brushing teeth.

Monkey see monkey climb

An icecream cone after a good meal at the Souplantation

Sometimes she can be a little witch

A rare moment of voluntary separation from her "pitio"

Night night.

Eyeing a ladybug

Miss Simi Valley

Some friends at Wendy Catton Day care: left to right, then front, Kenley, Samantha, Lucas, Lea, our little Emily Rio, Rainey, Alannah.

At the Simi Valley Town Center Mall play area. Never too early to start learning gang symbols:)