Emily Rio Various Pictures from March 2016.


One more evening with our friends who moved from less than one mile away (yay) now moving to San Diego.

climbing on daddy instead of on a "park"

taking daddio's car for a spin

not quite reaching the pedals but at least making it to the end of the seat

openning and embracing the ducky gift from grandma

first official bike riding trip by the simi river

balance bike - no pedals

diving into the ball pit

ball pits are fun

Rio is starting to be pretty good with utensils when she has the patience for them

easter egg hunt at underwood farm

helping mommy cook - at least trying to help

big smiles

you always have to shake a blanket before putting on someone (or even a doll)

Rio's room complee with moon, star, decorations on the walls and glider chair for rocking to sleep

occasionally car sets are no fun

doing "deedas" on the fire pit seats

rope swing from the big ash tree in the yard

sporting tummies and treats with friend Rainy

after loosing graces to use some of the curbs for riding on I brought out a 2x4 for Rider and I to ride down. amazingly Rio rode down it from beginning to end on her balance bike on her first try. could not do it again but it blew everybody away

super girl

clean body, clean teeth

sometimes she is a little witch

with "Nena" and "Petio"


eyeing a lama

she is famous

having fun with Jasmine at the SHGA LZ. They used to look very similar.

some of her friend at Wendy Catton Day Care

picking lettuce at underwood farm

closing shot, cute as a cupcake