Emily Rio Various Pictures from January 2016.


The kiddie table at the Brown's.

To quiet down the rambunctious kids we popped in the Minion movie. Worked like a charm!

Emily enjoying the local BMX race.

Emmy and Daddy getting ready to hang out as Mommy gets to ride her dirt bike!!!

Our happy little camping family!

Daddy gives Emily a ride on the KTM.

Mommy hooked up Emmy on a Razor ride. It was such fun!

Collecting leaves at the Lemon Park!

Sledding at the park! No snow? No problem! The city trucked some snow for our enjoyment!!

Learning to climb. Future rock climber in the making!

Potty time! Not quite ready yet, but we are hoping that this summer will be the magic season!

Tunnel fun at the park!

Enjoying some hiking on the Goleta cliffs overlooking the beautiful pacific ocean.

Daddy is teaching Emmy to climb trees as well.

Emily trying on Daddy's motorcycle gear. And she loves it!

High up that tree you think you are looking at dried leaves. They aren't. They're monarch butterflies clustered together to survive the Goleta winter. These guys decided they did not want to fly all the way to Mexico for a warmer wintering spot and made these trees their home for the winter. There are a handful of wintering spots for monarchs in Southern Cal. So lucky we got to see this unbelievable magical place!

Emily getting a horsy ride from the tree. Pretend play is on with our little angel!