Emily Rio Various Pictures from December 2015.


the many faces of Emily Rio

30 lbs is about the limit for this chair

story time with friend Rainy

actually doing some bowling at the hang gliding party in hip place in LA

bowling shoes and all

doing the motorcycle game with daddy

her first commercial haircut

all done with no crying

at the xmas tree store

not our tree?

so cute

potty time at daycare

riding with friend Rainy

at 6 flags with mommy?

hair in her mouth

this is our super cool tree that Andrea decorated with some of Rio's toys - great idea

doing yoga, downdog pose

on Lytle Creek camping trip over xmas. We hike to this waterfall

another picture of it

Friends Greg and Nurit join us for dinner in the trailer

on one of the days we did a daytrip to mountain high to do some sledding

more sledding

more sledding

more sledding

our campsite, first time camping with "hookups". Nice!

trying on daddy's dirt biking gear - maybe too big

a very nice camping trip. merry xmas