Emily Rio Various Pictures from November 2015.


A visit to Pasadena, still dressed up in the Halloween costume. Maybe Supergirls have more fun?

Mommy and her Supergirl :)

With my friend Lucy at the gym. We hang out at the kid's club while our parents workout. Everybody is happy :)

Oh the Elmo love affair!

Goofying around in the backyard swing

Learning to pedal the tricycle. Finally I can reach the pedals!!!

Naptime at daycare! Can you find me cuddling my dolly?

The yearly Thanksgiving trip to Lake El Mirage. It's become sort of a tradition and we spend it with friends.

Emily and Nalah are 2 years apart but play well anyway :) Nalah was in heaven driving Emily's jeep! And they make a good team, because Emily can't yet steer!

Showing the surroundings with Daddio

It was a very cold Thanksgiving trip. I took my nap in the trailer with all my jackets and hoods on!

The first night before our friends got in, I watched a movie after dinner with Mommy and Daddy.

It's always fun to play with my bucket and shovel set!

The best part of El Mirage is we get to play with all kinds of toys! We have dirt bikes, quads and go karts and land sailers and ultralights. This place caters to all tastes!

Daddy ready for take-off, for the flight that never was :(

Trying my luck on Mommy's scooter. It's too hard for me, but I'll conquer it someday! It was a big hit with all :)

Bonding time at the fire. Such good times!