Emily Rio Various Pictures from September 2015.


in the kitchen on a hot day

in the kitchen on a hot day, another

2 similar looking girls (Rio with her friend Jasmine with two similar looking gliders in the background. like a doublemint commercial:)

life is so good gotta wear (daddy's) shades

on the night of the lunar eclipse (cloudy darn)


birthday party at her daycare, home party in Nov

birthday party at her daycare, 2, home party in Oct

Rockin Kids treat for her on her birthday, party in Oct

some daddy grooming

digging at our favorite beach in Ventura

keeping up with the care and feeding of her "nena"

helping daddy with the tree trimming

kayaking with mommy

little surfer, little girl, ...

finger painting is a right of childhood

playing with friend Lucy

Sport of All Sorts program

nothing is easy when you are less than 3 feet tall

a smile even a "petio" can't hide