Emily Rio Various Pictures from June 2015.


Rio and the Bee from Gma.

Daddy's car

One of her world famous "L-seats"

Big smile

"Let it go, let it go..."

el sombrero

wonderful dinner picnic at the top of a local hill

Daddy is flying in the sky

heading to give Daddy a hug in the LZ after landing

Good time with slightly older but very similar looking/sounding Jasmine in the LZ

More books:)

Don't feel bad, Mommy can't do it either

Bubbles - cool picture by Andrea

so many ballons

Despite all the electonics, happy that she still loves books

with Mommy

Outdoor fire place

boxing for shippment

will send it first class

Dining with friend Archie

No luck yet but starting to try potty training

fun with water