Emily Rio Various Pictures from February 2015.


Of course, still changing lots of diapers. This is the POV for that.

Now this is how you train them! Our friend's daughter, Storm, is showing how she straightened up all of Rio's toys. Awesome.

Rio caring for her little ones

Rio took a bad fall. This is part way through the healing process. The eye socket was much more bruised/swollen the day after the incident.



Digging her new car

For old time's sake - clearly does not fit anymore.


Learning to rock climb.

Caring for Daddy when *he* is sick.

Food time

Our friend's son, Rider, checking out Rio.

"I'm so pretty..."

Shower time

Growing up a Souplantation child

Bye bye

The sunglasses are a perfect fit for LA

Horse-y for real at the Monarch Way Station

Big slide

But still into swings

But not so sure about the fireplace, seeing it with fire for the first time