Emily Rio Various Pictures from December 2014.


We dry her on low heat to prevent shrinkage:)

A day with daddy, first up, "Touch a Truck" run by the city.

Nobody looks fierce with a pacifier, but this is the inside a real SWAT tank which looks bad-ass from the outside.

Ending the day with a hike to the top of Los Robles.

Enough toys at home to make every day like Mardi Grass.

During this month, anything that could be knocked over or climbed on was ridden like a horse.

Vampire baby.

She loves to put on daddy's shoes and try to walk around.

Christmas Eve with the family in Argentina.

She loved to push big things around, and this little shopping cart provided hours of fun on our visit.

Cousins taking a siesta in Mar De Ajo.

Little Emily Rio excited to party like in Ibiza at the pool in Mar De Ajo.

This climbing structure was loads of fun in Mar De Ajo.

"Strangers in the night...", actually cousins.

Grandpa keeping both grand daughters happy.

Grandma pleases.

And so does mommy.

And so does daddy.

A look from above at our paradise in Mar De Ajo - and don't think about taking me too far from the pool daddy or there will be trouble.

A walk in the town with mommy and uncle Nick.

At the beach with a backdrop that Emily Rio's mommy used to look at when she was a child too.

Digging with daddy.

Uncle Martin helping her get used to be held by other family members. By the end of the trip this was achieved.

It is so much work to take care of babies.


More Karioke.

Mid day naps with daddy on this hammock.

Listen, I got a plan. I need you to...