Emily Rio Various Pictures from November.


This month even I gave in to calling her "Boo" as the character in the Monsters Inc movies.

Playing the SNOW in Simi Valley. Her first time experiencing snow.

Working on a killer tick-tac-toe strategy.

Dancing for the crowds - no stage freight.

Still, nothing beats a swing...

So much for being a clean eater. She is experimenting with food distribution these days.

The rest of the pictures are from our trip to Dry Lake El Mirage over Thanksgiving.

playing on the grownup toys

playing on the grownup toys

Still too small to ride this alone.

Big enough to ride this one.

and this one

and even this one.

Riding the fast go-cart with mommy.

bananas are good when you are busy playing

Digging in the sand with Nala while Noah does target practice.

Still gotta taste most things.

Going for a walk all by myself.

Setting up the landsailer.

Gonna take a ride with daddy.

All three of us

We came all the way here. Daddy when are you gonna setup and fly the ultralight mosquito?

Relaxing with daddy adn Juan after all the playing.

Relaxing with mommy.