Emily Rio Various Pictures from October.


Double the pleasure.

Play time at the Simi Library.

She has figured out how to turn on/off the water and it provides loads of fun.

Shots are the doctor's office are NOT fun.

Everybody has to pull their own weight in this household. Emily Rio putting in a full day of work in Andrea's office.

Getting ready for a trip to 6 Flags.

Rides are fun - I think...

Not afraid of bears.

Merry go round at 6 Flags.

A night at the Rise Of The Jack O'Lanterns exhibit/show in La Canada.

New toy, and electric powered jeep, but Emily Rio is still too short to reach the gas pedal. She still likes to open the doors and go in it. Looks fun to drive, I wish I could fit in it.

Reading, well openning books at least, at the Simi Library.

A day of the pumpkin patch farm.

Playing nice with friend Lucy.

All the pretty things

Pumpkins are fun.

About 2' tall.

Cuteness ready for bed.

Rockin out at the baby mash pit at the Simi Town Center Mall before Halloween.

Mommy's halloween costume.

Daddy's trick-or-treat costume.

Halloween candy!!!