Emily Rio Various Pictures from October from first birthday.


Trip to the Simi Town Center Mall on her birthday. Checking out the train.

"Airplane" - she can sometimes say that.

Hanging out with the birthday girl.

Taking a walk with Daddy.

Making friends at the mall play area.

The party invitation. Despite the picture, she was walking long before the party.

The birthday princess.

Plucking the tiara's feathers.

Kids of all ages at the party.

The baby zone.

Emily holding Emily.

Family photo.

Butterfly, butterfly, butterfly...

This is a before and after picture. Can you guess the "after" picture?

Poor baby.

More of the people at the celebration.

Killer cake.

Emily Rio's view.

Cake time.

Daddies and Daughters.

Opening her gifts.

Plucking the hair off of her Tinkerbell doll gift. It was a tough afternoon for Tinkerbell.

It's my party and I will cry if I want to.