Emily Rio Various Pictures from September.


The little girl is growing. There are many things she is too big for. Now she swings the swing instead of the other way around.

She has not outgrown the sweet face:)

Her new hobby - rearranging the furniture.

Her friend Lucy's mom's B-day party (totally lame adult thing but at least there were some cool kids there).

My first official walk-a-thon, not so hard for me:)

You talkin to me...?

Hanging with my friend Archie.

Hey is this microphone even on? Testing one, two, three...

We got the Travel Trailer on the road again. Emily Rio's first beach camping trip.

We had to take two cars because Mommy had to work one of the days.

Helping Daddy back up with the trailer.

Our camp is setup for a few days of beach living.

View of our campsite Daddy took from above during a mountain bike ride.

To the water...

Dinner with a view.

And then the sunset from our beach "house".

Looks like I am writing this, hugh?

The family.