Emily Rio Pictures June's visit in early August.


We installed a swing on the patio. She loves it.

Movies in the park after dark. Was fun and Emily Rio loved playing in the grass.

Riding the pychodelic dolphin.

Mom, Dad and Emily Rio's sleeping quarters for another great Sequoia Forest Trip with Gma June. Was this June's second or third time?

Gma saying hello to Rio while Dad starts breakfast.

Gma and Rio.

Warm days but cool nights.

Sitting in the meadow near Troy camp.

Daddy's smooches.

Actually, just trying to get the green frog really.

All partied out.

A short drive to get a view of The Domeland Wilderness.

On a hike with Gma, Mom, Dad and Rio. Beautiful rock towers on the peak.

To be fair, she is not always smiling.

5 seconds later...

Daddy got in some rigorous solo dirt biking but didn't take me :(

Checking out Gma's sleeping quarters.

The ladies.

Riding home. 4 hr drive. All good here but Rio was upset for a while on the ride home.