Emily Rio Various Pictures from August.


Our block party. Emily Rio tried her best to talk her way out of several moving violations :)

But she did not succeed :)

Mc Gruff, the Crime Dog (taking a bite out of crime)?

We got these two toys as gifts from our friend Jullianne. Emily Rio really loves these two, even today.

Mom and Rio at Monkey Land.

Mom and Rio made a few great trips to the beach in Ventura in August. Rio *loves* to push things. Everything.

Crawling in the sand.

On a mission and making tracks...

Mom, Dad and Rio went to a "Dive In Movie" at a local pool.

Checking out the kayak.

One of our new toys. She is only moderately fond of this one. Maybe some day.

Trying to learn how to make fish lips (it started out trying to learn to make a kiss).

Protecting the cabin from the sun is important for all types of vehicles.

Mom and Rio at the Camarillo Air show. It was really excellent.

"O" is for "uh-oo", her first word(s)

Sporting shades and sunscreen.

This is a new toy that she does like. It is a rollercoast.