Various Emily Rio Pictures from May.


Finding my toes and learning the happy baby pose from yoga was a piece of cake. I can do that whenever I feel like it now. I'm such a pro!

These days I'm mastering sitting up by myself. It's nice to kwow they only sit me in soft surfaces, as I can still be wobbly sometimes. My parent's are pretty smart!

Here's another one of my milestones. I'm learning to crawl. It takes time and practice. It's not one of those things you are born knowning how to do, like finding mom's breast! This takes patience and skill!

And once you start figuring out this crawling thing, life suddenly becomes a lot more rewarding! Now you can get to the toys that you love and suck the hell out of them!

Sleeping with Mommy is still one of my favorite activities. I demand it every night!

In the food department, they keep feeding me new flavors. Some I like, some not so much. Some are pretty strange and I can't help but making weird faces. My parents seem to think that's pretty hilarious and they laugh their heads off. Mealtime can be pretty amusing for all of us.

And speaking of trying new things... I could tell Daddy wasn't paying attention, so I snuck a taste of this drink he was holding in his hand. Shhh... Don't tell anyone! (joke picture of course)

First time in the bath with toys. I love water, I'm a waterbaby.

These days I make diapering very challenging for my parents. I like to flip around and try to escape.

First time in a pool. It was very fun. Can we go to the Ojai Fly-in every year?

Also at the Ojai ranch I got to pet a friendly but not soft goat for the first time.

One more cool adventure at the Ojai Fly-In, a chance to pet a giant (and soft) camel.

I still love my piano gym.

If I were you I wouldn't touch that bottle. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

The Spring Air Festival at Sylmar. Daddy's glider being broken down after the event in the background.

Hanging out at the LZ with my friend Jasmine.

Do I look like my mom?


Playing in the mirror.

I can't wait for my first dirt bike.

But for now, riding in the hood with daddy.

What is with the elephant trying to steal my shot?