Various Emily Rio Pictures from April.


This is her new jumpy. She likes it very much. Actually this is her second one. The camelion sings a great some about Red yellow and blue...

Trying to explore the monkey.

This crazy pacifier is more like a chew toy, but no teeth visible yet.


We have been attempting to feed her non-milk foods this month. Of course it is messy.

This picture was from the first time she got to sit in a high chair at a restaurant.

It almost looks like she is posing...

Holding hands with her friend Lucy.

We will progress to sippy cups first:)

Wearing her stylish denim skirt.

Reunited in the driveway as Daddy comes home from a work trip.

Swings are super fun.

Crawling lessons. She will probably learn to walk and swim before crawling (hates being on her stomach).

Good night