Various Emily Rio Pictures from January with Comments.


It's like a spray skirt (Kayaking) for a baby chair. So neat!

Tummy time:)

Sending secret messages via her socks. OK, I will watch Supercross with you.

Taking the jogging stroller for a test run.

Picture with Mommy too.

Using poor little Avalanche (black round stuffed animal hanging) as a speed bag (boxing).

Is there a love connection between Rio and Dominic? Or will it be all fists?

Mom and Dad took me to Dominic's b-day party. And they wore the ears. How embarrasing...

Close up.

A nice hike at the botanical garden in Thousand Oaks

Darn, people always call right when I start eating.

First date with Dominic. The atmosphere was nice but the conversation was a little strained. Still, I'd like to see him again.

my folks.

blowing bubbles, my new pastime

Daddy can be entertaining.

This is my new toy.

But I am still having some challenges getting it entirely in my mouth.

Cozy outfit.

Taking the outfit on the road with mom. First trip to a park to play.