Baby Shower at Cindy/Dale's house, hosted by Cindy and Keroy.


The Evite invitation that went out to our friends.

The "LZ gang" made it! Nurit, Katherine, Lisa, Kathy, Cindy and Sharon (these last two obscured by my pregnant figure :-) ) We were honored to have this group of beautiful ladies!

Some old friends in this picture. Lisa, Phu, Keroy, Donna, Carey. It was so great to be able to share this special time in our lives with all of you!

I'm not the only pregnant lady in this parte! My dear friends Angela and Carolina are expecting too! They will have Thanksgiving babies 2 days from each other. Such a thrill to be sharing pregnancy and motherhood with these beautiful Mamas! It will be incredible to watch our kids grow up together!

Opening the fabulous presents our dear friends brought Baby Emily. What a thrill!

Reading the beautiful cards filled with people's love and kind words.

Cake time! Beautiful and oh so yummy! Emily was doing flips after eating cake. I think she really liked it too! And I think Michelle's five and a half year old Francesca really enjoyed hanging out with Chad! Look at that little face! I can't wait to see Emily in love with her daddy! We all love you sweetheart!

The Shower is winding down. People are going home, but what a thrill it was!

It was great to see everybody!

Keroy and Cindy opening their presents. A little token of our appreciation for hosting such a fabulous event!

Getting ready to go home, with a car full of presents and happiness in our hearts! So grateful for the outpour of love!

The car was full of presents in the back and balloons in the front!

We had a fabulous time. We are thankful and grateful for the love we received! You all made us feel really special. Baby Emily is coming into a beautiful world! Life is good :-D