FS&K Baby Shower hosted by the T.O. Girls.

The gang at work, the FSK's T.O. Girls, planned and organized an amazing baby shower for me, Chad and Baby Emily. It was a beautiful afternoon. There was a potluck with lots of good food, a beautiful cake, my favorite co-workers and lots of amazing presents. What a night! We are so touched for all the love!


The room was beautifully decorated. The cake was not just beautiful but delicious! Praline ice cream cake! My favorite!

There were folks from our T.O. office, and some came from our WLV and CAM offices. It was so awesome to be able to share such a special time in our lives with all of them!

And I was happy Chad didn't miss this special event. Baby showers should always include the father. They are expecting and anticipating just like the mom is and they should not miss out on the magic of the Baby Shower.

The present opening ritual. Such a thrill unwrapping each present to reveal the cutest and most thoughtful gifts for Baby.

We loved the balloons! I have a feeling Emily will love balloons just like her daddy! Look at that smile!!