Various Pictures up and through Family Visit.


One more from Halloween. She is an owl for her first costume.

First fist pump from the chickapea.

Napping with Daddy, that's me, I'm Daddy. Wow!

We didn't set this picture up. The monkey was next to her and she wiggled and got into this cute pose.

Happy times with the bear too.

Emily Rio's new car. She wanted leather seats, a sunroof, etc, so what ya gonna do? :)

Tiny face.

Likes her Daddy, loves her pacifier.

Emily with one of her new friends, Andres and mother Carolina.

Tummy time not the chicapea's favorite thing.

Seeing eye-to-eye with Uncle Nick.

Sharing a drink with Grandpa Oscar.

Mother love.

Grandma Ana time.

Kisses from Mommy.

Daddy and Uncle Martin introduce the two cousins, Emily Rio and Renata Abril

all is good

No pacifier, no problem, I've got hands

Little tongue.

Mommy was playing dress-up with her daugher.

come on now, let's get to it, stike a pose, there's nothing to it, vogue.

Extended family portrait.