Mom's visit and other events up to Halloween.


Starting to ease a bit of my "old life" back in, I did a morning ride with some of my friends who montain bike and we all stopped by to visit the the baby after the ride.

This swing device has been pretty useful when Emily Rio needs some extra comfort and all the arms in the house are busy. For now I am carrying it up and down stairs as we transition from day operations to night operations.

Our first new family visit to a restaurant, the Souplantation, part 1 of 3.

Souplantation, part 2 of 3.

Souplantation, all of us enjoying a food coma:), part 3 of 3.

Bath time. This is surprisingly easy.

Mom is here. Or should I start saying grandma is here? How weird.

Grandma time.

This "Moby Wrap" seems to be working pretty well for hands free baby attachment.

This is one of Emily Rio's huge yawns.

Lunch at our favorite local Thai restaurant.

When doing laundry and bringing the baby upstairs a laundry basket can do double duty.

Wedding anniversary.

A picture which makes it look like she is holding her own bottle (not really the case yet).

Last dinner with Mom. Tasty but sad.

Emily Rio's first Halloween. We were able to follow our multi-year tradition of bring the firepit to the front patio and eating, drinking and listening to music with friends while we hand out candy. This pictures was from after the event.