All Three At Home


Getting ready to leave the hospital, aka Hotel Kaiser, and give this a shot on our own.

Getting wheeled out.

Two out of three of us love the car seat.

"Little Feet-ies, Little Toes" - Talking Heads.

Our wonderful friends across the street decorated our house for our arrival. And they made us a huge tin full of yummy enchiladas. And they have an infant. And they were sick (so didn't want to get near Emily, so no pictures yet). Amazing. I have NO idea how they do it.

Supplementing until the milk factory comes on line.

Life is a bottle.

Soft skin and super soft basinet fuzz.

Emily's friend Cindy brings us yummy BBQ.

Emily's friends Angela and Ben bring us yummy deli.

Our friends Rich and Coleen come to meet their new neighbor.

Our first stroll, mostly for Andrea's recovery benefits. To the cul-de-sac and back.

Just the three of us.