Delivery Day Plus One, Woodland Hills, CA


Today Emily had to go to the nursary for some hearing and blood tests. They need to do this when the baby is sleeping. I laughed and told them not hold their breath; we were up with her all last night and she didn't sleep (nor did we). When the RN got tired of waiting, she attempted the testing with a non-sleeping baby. Very non sleeping. Andrea needed to stay in bed in the recovery room, but I went with Emily, and helped the nurse. The nurse said she can't remember ever having this much trouble completing the tests, even with my help which she was greatful for.

In this picture she has passed the hearing tests, her blood was drawn, all the wires removed, but we still needed to remove the adhesive sensors on her forhead, back of neck, spine, and the housings attached around her ears. This adhesive was very strong and upsetting. In this picture, she is giving us a look as if to say, "Don't even think of causing me more distress".

All done. All probes removed, hearing tests passed, and blood off to the lab. She is OK now.

Her tongue is out. She is already thinking of her next feeding on the return to our room.

We received a really nice arrangement from Scott and Terry today.

Kaiser treated us to a celebratory feast for the birth, Steak and Salmon dinners. We are hoping for some sleep tonight. The pictures of Emily in the bassinet are misleading - she lasts only a minute or two in there before she really wants out.