They are soft and cuddly!



On a lazy weekend morning we cuddle our Kitties.



Cuddling times are mornings and evenings.


They like to sit on the couch with us.


But Peter and Sophie are always ready for a little loving at any time, especially Pete.


Sophie lets you know when she wants to cuddle by jumping on your lap and kneading or rubbing on your legs.


Peter will tell you know he wants to cuddle by dropping on the floor in front of you belly up, ready for some rubbing.


They used to sleep with us, and even though it was fun we have banned the kitties from our bedroom since we moved.


Don't we look alike? Same color eyes and hair!


Here are Pete and Sophie hiding in the closet... But they've been discovered!

The half a whale is Sophie's favorite toy. She's responsible for the missing half. Peter likes to play with the remains too.


And here is Peter getting some love from Jesse, during one of his visits.



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