Dentist shot!


Watch out! There's a Sea Monster!!!


Andrea is being mobbed by ducks!


Helmets can be gooffy looking :)


I think Chad saw something scary!


What did the fish do???


Gotta love the baby seals and baby dolphins. We wanna take them all home! They're just so cute and cuddly!


Andrea had to call a crane to rescue Chad!


Andrea has genious friends!


Mexican food makes Chad make funny faces!


Shark attack! Don't worry, we survived it with all limbs accounted for!


Who could have given Chad such a silly hat to wear...



In Little Cuba in Miami chickens are anything but little!


A double-headed giant!!!


Say what???!!!!


Swinging Jane!


Turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese I really think so!


If you shoot me I'll shoot you back!


Help! A butterfly is eating Andrea's face!


Jump, jump, jump... jump around!


Little straw boy!


Hands up!!


We dress up in matching outfits to cook breakfast sometimes!




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