Over the years, we've always found a reason to dress up. If it's not for Halloween, it's for some other occassion. Below are some of them. 

Dracula and the Devil was our first Halloween together. We went to a couple of parties that year. This one was a dance in North Ranch in Simi Valley. Those times we would have never guessed we would end up living in Simi Valley a few years later :) 

Clark Kent and the Nurse was a Halloween party at Vivian and Nicole's. Chad's Superman shirt is actually an Andrea tanktop that barely fit him and gave him a very silly-looking midriff, which you'd be able to see if his shirt were open a few buttons lower! 

Here Chad recycled his Dracula costume and I dressed up as the beautiful Holly Golightly, Audrey Hepburn's character in Breakfast at Tiffany's. 

This is us dressed as Seventies disco dancers for a birthday party thrown by Hugh for Kim that was lots of fun, with lots of dancing, as their parties always are. Don't let Chad's expression fool you! 

This is our Christmas morning costume. Oh, wait! That was Xmas morning! It was Xmas morning at Karen and Jesse's and the boys :) We were playing Aunt and Uncle that morning :) 

Here we're dressed up as Hawaiians. Are we fooling anyone? I sure think so! 

Can you recognize us hidden under those masks? Yes, it's Us on our Wedding Day! We had a carnival dance which included masks and beads and all sorts of fun stuff. 

And that concludes this dress-up page. Thanks for watching :) 






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